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The preferred way to report an accident is to register your details (above) and obtain a secure password to access the confidential reporting database.

If you are unwilling to register to use this reporting system, please click on the box below to inform IPAF of any fatal accident involving powered access equipment.


Welcome to the IPAF ACCIDENT Database

All manufacturers, rental companies, contractors and users are encouraged to report:

1. Any known fatal and serious accidents involving MEWPs/AWPs or MCWPs worldwide, and
2. Any known accidents involving MEWPs/AWPs or MCWPs in the UK.

Please register first in order to be able to report accidents on the database.
Companies wishing to have multiple persons reporting accidents should appoint a nominated person (a senior person who will manage reporting).

This nominated person should register first in the company name.

Once registered, the nominated person will be able to give others access to report
accident on the company’s central accident records.

Companies will thus be able to track their accidents and manage their records.

There is also a facility for those who wish to report a fatal or serious accident,
but are unwilling to register use the preferred reporting system.

Information entered into the database will be kept confidential and will be used strictly
for the purposes of analysis and improving safety.
Report accidents, and help save lives!